Urban Dog Leash - Striped
Urban Dog Leash - Striped
Urban Dog Leash - Striped
Urban Dog Leash - Striped
Urban Dog Leash - Striped
Urban Dog Leash - Striped

Urban Dog Leash - Striped

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The Embark Urban Dog Leash is a great everyday 4 foot long leash that is a perfect combination of aesthetics and durability. This leash features a swivel, quick release buckle and is made from a weather resistant, strong nylon webbing.

The Embark Urban Collection features quirky, vibrant patterns that are inspired by our adventures in concrete jungles.

We recommend the matching Embark Urban Dog Collar. Made from the same materials and finish, they look great independently or as a set

Also available in a number of other patterns. Check out the entire collection!

We know that with your new gear, you and your pup are bound to get a bit muddy and dirty. Our gear are designed to be easy to clean and dries very quickly, so please follow these instructions below.

1. Remove and large chunks of mud or debris with your hands.

2. Fill a small tub of warm, soapy water.

3. Gently rub off any mud or stains.

4. Hang up in a well ventilated space to air dry.

We are so proud and confident in the high quality of our products that we offer a 1 year limited warranty for all our products. This will cover any defects in the product materials or construction. Please note that our warranty is only available if your product is purchased through ourselves or an authorized seller. 

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If you do have any defects and need to use your warranty, please email us at support@embarkpets.com. Our team will get in touch ASAP to help you get you and your pooch get back on your adventure as soon as possible.

Matching Set

Built to Last

Coated Rust Proof Clasp

All the metal components are treated to prevent rust and scratches.

Review from Amazon

Very sturdy and durable, comfortable to hold and the 4 ft length is perfect to keep my dog from wondering and getting into things on our walks. The material with the pattern is thick and soft, sewn on top of the base leash as shown in picture, the dual fabric makes it even more durable. The clasp is strong and made of thick metal. Bought with the matching collar which is the same thickness and durable metal on the clasp, the plastic attachment piece also seems very durable and doesn’t pop open with pulling. - Kerrigan