Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Puppy

Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Puppy

Take Your Puppy On An Outdoor Adventure

So you have a new puppy! And you want to show him off, take him outside. And of course you should! In fact, don't be afraid to take your puppy out farther than the neighborhood. An energetic pup is the perfect companion to go on adventures. Here are some great ideas for adventuring with your puppy.

Dog playing on beach

Take A Hike

If spending time in the woods is your thing, you can definitely bring your puppy with you the next time you go hiking. He will love the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors. Make sure you check with your vet before you do, as your puppy needs to be at least 16 weeks old and fully vaccinated before you head out with him. He will also need to be leash trained, so you can keep track of him and avoid difficult terrain the first few times you take him out. Start with the easier trails so he doesn't get too tired and be prepared to carry him too. In a few hikes though, your puppy will get used to navigating the trail, and the adventures can begin.

Camp Out

You can take it up a notch from hiking and take your puppy camping too. But you'll have to start slow, and not involve too much walking. Ask your vet about Lyme disease and add that vaccination to the list your dog needs before the two of you venture outdoors. You'll have to check beforehand whether the campground allows dogs, and pack plenty of food and water. A tent that zips all the way closed is a must, so he doesn't wander out on his own during the night. It's important to keep your puppy on his leash or on a sturdy tether at all times when you're camping, and don't forget to clean up after him. If there's nowhere to dispose of puppy poop, bury his waste, just like you would your own.

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Go Out On The Water

While swimming in the open water is not the best idea for a young puppy, due to risks of contamination and the fact that he might get really tired really fast, you can still take him out on the water. Find a boating company that allows pets on board, and take him boating! Put safety first for your puppy, just like you would do with your kids. Getting a doggie floatation vest for him and making sure he wears it will ensure your dog is safe at all times. Also make sure he doesn't drink any ocean water by bringing plenty of fresh water for him. And if you're boating in summer, keep an eye on the temperature on the deck so your puppy doesn't burn his paws.

Ride A Bike

If being out on the water isn't your thing, then how about a bike ride? Your puppy will love it! Have you ever wondered why dogs stick their heads out of car windows? It's not because they love the breeze, but more because they can smell so many things. Dogs experience the world through smell. A bike ride is slower than a car ride, but your puppy can still experience all the same smells. But how do you bring him with you, if you can't hold him? It's not safe to put him into your bike's basket. What you need is a pet carrier or trailer, which attaches to your bike, so you can tow him as you ride.

Visit A Dog Park

If more strenuous activities seem too much for a little pup, then the dog park is always a good option. Since he will be interacting with other dogs, he does need to have all his vaccinations in place, so your puppy will need to be at least 4 months old before he can visit a dog park. Remember that your puppy is probably not used to socializing with other dogs yet, so keep a close eye on him and don't let him off the leash. You want to make sure he listens to you, so you can keep him away from any aggressive dogs.

You're all set to take your puppy out with you. Remember that a growing dog needs a lot of nourishment, so always bring food and water with you. Water is especially important when it's hot outside. Simply carrying a large bottle of water and a bowl will do. And that's it! You and puppy are now ready for whatever adventures you choose.





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