How to Prepare Your Dog For Moving into Your New House

How to Prepare Your Dog For Moving into Your New House

Congratulations! The decision to move into a new home is no doubt an incredibly exciting one for you. But just like every new experience, there’s also the inevitable stress that comes part and parcel with it.


Dog owners will know that the stress of moving is doubled when it comes to thinking about all that you have to do for your dog to move as well! That’s why it’s critical that you prepare thoroughly in advance.

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Below, we’ve listed some useful tips to help you prepare your dog for moving into your new house. 

  1. Create a Checklist

No wonder you’re stressed – every time you finish one task, another unexpectedly pops up. While reducing the number of tasks you have may not be possible, you can at least make the process of getting through them a bit easier for yourself!

One of the most effective ways to better organize your move is to create a checklist. You can note down tasks such as packing up their harness and leash and contacting their vet. Once you get everything down on paper, you’ll probably realize there are quite a few things that slipped your mind – particular when you have to think about your dog’s move as well! 

Given that as dog owners, we can impact our dog’s behavior with our own, it’s important to realize the impact that our stress levels can have on our dogs. You can bet that when we’re stressed, they’ll start to feel that way too. So when you think about it, staying organized is not only crucial for you, but your dog too. 

2. Ask for Help

Moving, especially if it’s just you and your dog, can be quite an isolating experience. No one really knows just how many things you have on your plate, or all of the questions you have spinning around in your head.

Particularly when it comes to questions about your dog, when in doubt, your best bet is to ask an expert. Who else is better to ask than someone who has the skills and knowledge to answer your niggling questions?

While you could ask your vet in-person, the more convenient option is to turn to the tons of resources on the net. One great example is Home Life Digest, a resource which will provide you with expert advice on both the move and how to make your new place into a home. If you’re after a resource specifically dedicated to answering all of your dog-related questions, you can’t look past Ask the Vet.

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3. Inform Everyone Important Ahead of Time 

Chances are that you’ve already started the process of informing important institutions like your bank and the post office about your impending move. But have you also called up any relevant places your dog goes to?

You’ll need to inform such people as your vet, dog school, and even your dog sitting service about your move. Even if you’re going to stick with those places, it’s still important to inform them so they can keep their records up to date. 

And don’t forget to change your address on any websites or stores you get regular deliveries from. After all, having any products delivered to the front door of your old house will be a pain to collect!

4. Take Your Dog Around Your New Neighborhood

It’s natural that your dog may not immediately take to their new surroundings once you move. You may find yourself trying to keep your dog under control as it acts out about the sharp change

Of course, you won’t know how your dog will really react until you make your move, but to make the transition smoother, it’s a good idea to take your dog on a walk around your new neighborhood.

Familiarizing your dog with their new neighborhood will do wonders for helping your dog settle in. If possible, you should consider letting your dog explore your new house before you move in. Dogs, as you know, are very territorial, so giving them the opportunity to establish a sense of territory within their new surroundings will aid the acclimatization process. 

If you bump into any soon-to-be neighbors, be sure to introduce your dog to them. Seeing a friendly face again when you do move in will definitely help your dog feel more at ease, as well as help them feel like they are already familiar with some aspects of their new surroundings.

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