Launching the Embark Explorer Dog Leash

Launching the Embark Explorer Dog Leash

We are really excited to announce the launch of our latest product: the Embark Explorer Dog Leash! The Embark Explorer Dog Leash is designed as an all-around leash that can be used in the city and outdoors. We wanted to create a leash that was comfortable, lightweight, and most importantly, durable, so you and your pup can depend on it to connect you both in all your adventures.

Embark Explorer Dog Leash Blue

The Explorer Leash has an incredibly soft, ergonomic handle, so say goodbye to rope burns. The stitches are reinforced throughout and the metal clasp has been treated to prevent any rusting or corrosion. This leash can take a beating, so whether you are taking your dog out hiking, running, camping, or just walking around town, you can rely on it.

The Explorer Dog Lead also matches the Embark Adventure Harness, and comes in the same teal, orange, and black, so you and your dog can look good while you are exploring the world together.

All our gear have been thoroughly tested, so you and your pup only get what’s best.

Check out our Explorer Dog Leash now!


Embark Explorer Dog Leash Orange




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