Top Tips for Taking your Dog in a RV or Campervan

Top Tips for Taking your Dog in a RV or Campervan

It's the start of Spring and it's officially camping season. Are you going on an RV vacation? 

You can make it even more fun by bringing your dog with you. One of the many perks of going on the road in an RV or campervan is that you can bring your whole family, including your pup. Because RVs are larger and more comfortable to travel in than regular cars, it's easy to bring your dog along. According to a 2016 survey done by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, 61% of RV owners bring their pets along for trips and of that, 93% of them bring their pups! With a little preparation, you can make your RV ready to travel the country with your pet.

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Dog Friendly Flooring & Furniture

Dogs tend to shed and make messes. If your RV has no carpet, or minimum carpeting, then that will make it easier to clean up after your dog. Fabric and carpet are both magnets from pet hair and odors, and you need to deal with the messes just as you would at home. Having a vinyl floor and washable slipcovers for your furniture will make cleaning up much easier.

Healthy Food

You know that a consistent diet will help keep your dog healthy, and the same goes for the road. It will reduce instances of diarrhea and upset stomachs. If you're going to be on the road for a while, you can't rely on being able to find your preferred brand of pet food everywhere you go. Buying a large, re-sealable bin so that you are able to carry bulk amounts of your dog's favorite food is always a good idea. A container with a tight seal also ensures prevention of insect or rodent infestations.

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Kennel Training

When you're on the road, there will be times when you have to step out for a while, without your dog. If your dog is already kennel trained, then he will know that he needs to stay in his kennel until you're back. This will also prevent him from running amok in the RV and getting into things and making a mess or damaging something. You can find a kennel with a wire frame, which has lots of ventilation and can also fold flat when not in use.


If a dog is bored, then he can be destructive. No matter how long your RV trip is going to be, you should make sure to pack some of your pup's favorite toys. That will not only keep him occupied, but it will also bring him comfort and treat any anxiety has about being in the RV.

Pet First Aid Kit

You can easily buy a pet first aid kit in a pet supply store to bring with you. You can also customize one that you've bought, or build yours from scratch. Check out our blog on building a doggy first aid kit from scratch.

Tips on campervanning with our dog

Successful RVing Tips

  1. You might want to be spontaneous, but it makes a lot of sense to map out your route beforehand and identify some pet friendly places to stop at. Let the internet do your work for your and check out sites like and to find places for your dog to go to. You can find plenty of pet friendly RV parks, campsites, and even restaurants.
  2. On the days you will be driving for longer hours, make sure you take your dog on a long walk before hitting the road. He will be less restless and will need fewer bathroom breaks.
  3. Our highways have plenty of rest areas for you to stop at. Take advantage of them, and let your dog out to run around, on a leash, and get some fresh air, and maybe meet other doggies also traveling with their families.
  4. Always have a bowl filled with water, even when you're driving. There are splash free bowls available, but you can use a regular, collapsible bowl and only fill it halfway to prevent spills.
  5. Look up vets in the main cities you will be traveling through for emergencies. You can ask friends or family if you have any in the area, or through online reviews. Keep in mind that if your dog needs prescriptions filled when you're on the road, you may not be able to get them filled since vets are only licensed in the state they practice in.

Your dog is going to love being in the campervan with you, and traveling the country. He will be exposed to new smells and places to explore. And having a dog with you is going to be entertaining. Bringing your doggie along on an RV trip is going to be great fun, as long as you provide him with a safe, pet friendly experience. #vanlife

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